The 3 Ingenious Ways To Plan For Your Unplanned Leave

Admit it, although your company says you are entitled to avail these many days of absence from your work, of course, for valid reasons, getting the consent from your boss is next to impossible as he always wants to portray his/her team the ‘100% perfect team’ without even any trivial imperfections as that of a leave. Sigh! Don’t worry, as this is not the case only at your office but in every other office available throughout the globe and that is why the employees are forced to avail some ‘unplanned leaves’, for which inventing some valid reasons is quite tricky.

If you are caught up in such a situation, where you have either taken or about to take an unplanned leave and although your reason being valid, at least for you, you surely know that your boss wouldn’t be satisfied with that and wondering, how to encounter him/her at the workplace tomorrow then, cheer up! The following 3 ingenious ideas are only for you, where you could cover up for your unplanned leave in a most believable manner!

  • Idea 1

This is suitable for those who are planning to take the leave in the near future! Say, suppose you are planning to take the leave tomorrow, start coughing or sneezing terribly at your workplace so that everybody questions about your health’s wellness condition. Then what? Now that everybody knows you are sick or about to be sick, just happily take off the next day as your boss doesn’t have any other option than accepting your leave situation!

  • Idea 2

This is also for the future scenario only! Ask your friend to make a call and start conversing with him/her so grievingly about some virtual relative’s health condition in such a way so that everyone around you understands that the relative’s situation is so grave and anything can happen anytime, unfortunately. Only you know this is the fortunate way for you to avail the unplanned leave for tomorrow so, enjoy!

  • Idea 3

This is for those, who have already taken the leave and wondering how to make up for that. Not to worry, as there is a wonderful solution in the form of fake doctor’s note, which you can produce at your workplace and make them believe you were extremely sick the previous day. Cool, isn’t it? Then why wait as you can now get fake doctors note here and prove your innocence, ahem!…

7 Reasons Why a Vegan Diet Boosts Health


  1. The first main reason why people turn to a vegan diet is to reduce their body weight. Eating less processed fatty foods will not only help you keep the weight off but reduce it too. This can not only have a profound impact of your physical body but you mental health too. We all can suffer at one point or another from low self-esteem, but we do not have to suffer, switch to vegan and feel great about yourself.
  2. Everybody want to live longer and by switching to a vegan diet could help keep your body in the best possible condition it can be in. Eating more fruit and vegetables will help give your body more of the essential vitamins and minerals, to help your body fight viruses and infections more effectively.
  3. We all have busy working and family lives so we need as much energy as possible to be able to do all that we need to. By going vegan, we can increase our energy because good nutrition gives us more energy, simple!
  4. We are responsible for the world that we live in and going vegan can have profound environmental impacts to reduce pollution and increase air quality. 6.5 million people worldwide die from air pollution and we can reduce that by what we eat.
  5. What could help boost our mental health than having a little more money in our pocket? Meat is undeniably expensive. Go vegan, save money and use it to go to the gym and get healthy.
  6. We all worry about cancer, eating whole grain, fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of cancer. In 2016 1,685,210 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed and that’s just in the U.S.A alone. We don’t need that hanging over our heads, we can choose what we eat and be healthy.
  7. Something you may not know about dairy and meat is they contribute significantly to body odour. If that’s something that affects you, you can easily treat it by switching to a vegan diet.


In conclusion if you want to lead a healthier happier lifestyle think about what you eat because it’s not just you that it can effect but the people and the whole world around us. Go Vegan.…

How Much Do You Know About The Largest Organ Of Your Body?


You may have heard about the adage that the face is the mirror of our mind. This adage is as truer as the fact that your skin is the reflection of the overall health of our body. Doctors believe that the problems that you face on the skin of your body could be as much a reflection of the problems that your body. Incidentally, it is also the biggest organ of our body accounting for almost 18 percent of the body.

It acts as the body’s thermostat:

This organ is the body’s natural thermostat. It keeps the body and the internal organs warm in extremely cold climate and it maintains coolness in very hot climate. The reason why we sweat in very hot places is indeed the body’s mechanism to cool it.

It is the body’s first defense line:

The skin gauges the dangers that may be coming the way of the body. It is the body’s first defense mechanism. The nerve endings in the skin can forewarn the body about any pain and pressure that the body may experience.

The shades and the hues:

The skin colour around the world varies diversely. The colour depends majorly on the production of melanin by the cells of our body. The fact is that even though everyone has the same number of cells that produces melanin in our body not everyone can produce as much as the others. The difference in the quantity of the melanin produced is the reason why different people around the world have different shades of skin.

Naturally regenerative:

This beautiful organ can regenerate itself. It is continuously removing the layer of dead skin and growing its fresh layer and this is a continuous process. The dead cells often flake off the body but dermatologists believe that not everything can flake off on its own and therefore gentle exfoliation using a pumice stone or a scrub is mandated every few days so that the new layer can be on the forefront.…

Teach Young Children Healthy Habits

There are scores of water borne diseases which are preventable with proper education on healthy hygienic habits and effective sanitation methods. It is important to inculcate these healthy habits in children and ensuring that they realize that they are responsible for their health. Empowered with water sanitation and hygiene information these children can be harbingers of change in their communities. 

To begin with, the importance of hand washing must be taught to children. It is crucial that they understand that by washing their hands with soap and water after playing, using the toilet and before eating food they can prevent diseases and ill health.  

There are still countries in the world where open defecation is a practice. The concerned governments must take necessary action to provide toilets with water to curtail this practice. This practice also leads to poor hygiene where people don’t wash hands with soap and water after using the toilet. The importance of flushing the toilet after each use is also lost in many areas. One way of spreading the message effectively is to use the visual media. 

Another important area of focus is to teach the importance of clean surroundings. Children should be taught not to litter and to dispose of waste only in designated areas. 

The importance of storing drinking water in clean vessels must be explained. They should be taught safe storage and water consumption methods to prevent the spread of diseases. 

When you teach healthy habits to children and ensure that they incorporate the same into a daily routine you can be sure that positive change will ensue. They turn into ambassadors of sanitation and hygiene in their community and can also take the lead in transforming the bad habits of the elders of their community. It is, therefore, necessary that all organizations focus on educating the children to bring about a change in the society.