5 Things Your Hands Can Say About Your Health

I am in love with my newest nephews!

As soon as the midwife handed them over to me I was totally-totally head over heels with them!

Okay, you can understand my excitement because I was seeing newborn after almost two decades!!

Everything about them enchanted me; even their little hands and feet.

Did you know that our hand is one of the indexes of our health?

I was reading at http://apexhealthandcare.com/ and I came across a wealth of articles on health and wellness.

One of them caught my fancy. It was how our hand, the skin over it, the texture, the nails, the sweat, the nerves, everything about it can be tell-tale signs of our actual health. I was amused initially but slowly I did understand that the article made a lot of sense.

Doctors around the globe use the grip test to find out about their patient’s heart health. I knew this because my dad was a heart patient and whenever we went to see his cardiologist, he was asked to grip a machine’s rod to check the grip of his hand. This I suppose gave the doctor a good idea on his heart.

Thyroid and the hand:

The dryness or the redness on the hand as also the swollenness on the hand is a clear indication of an underactive thyroid gland. If you are experiencing dry skin often on the palm of your hand, you may want to get your thyroxine count checked.

Hand and vitamin deficiencies:

From the skin to the fingers to the nails to the ridge between them can be a good indication for vitamin deficiencies in a person. Brittle nails mean that you need to stock up on calcium and vitamin D.

Shaking of hands:

Involuntary shaking of hands especially motion like that of a pill-rolling can be indicative of setting in of Parkinson’s. A lot of people do confuse this with anxiety and stress but going and checking with a specialist is something that should be best for you.