Ways To Keep a Pet With a Child With Allergies

Do you have a child with allergies but you cannot get rid of the pet for a certain reason? Possibility you have a lifetime friend that has been around with you for ages but your child may have started to become allergic to the pet because of some reason. You may also live with someone that has a pet, but your child is allergic so you must make the relationship work.

Although it may be difficult and challenging, we will discuss some methods to help you keep a pet with a child with allergies, so that you can overcome some situations where you cannot get rid of the pet to help your child stay healthy and unaffected. We will help you have your child in perfect condition without any allergic reactions while letting you keep the pet in the house in this article.


One obvious strategy would be to keep the pet away from your child. However, this doesn’t always work 100 percent because of some elements that children are usually allergic to such as hair. Cat hair, for example, are bad for children with allergies because they fly all around the place due to how they don’t stay on the cat’s body. You can notice this when you enter someone’s house who owns a cat, as you’ll most likely see cat hair on furniture, tables, and mostly on shelves and behind TV’s.

To overcome this, you can try using a cat brush to get the hair that is loose of the pet’s body, so that it won’t fly around as much to prevent your child from starting any allergic reactions. Although some pet hair may go off the body, brushing your pet is important to keep the hair volume in the air low and to keep your child safe.

Another strategy would be to use medication to treat your child to be stronger against the pet. Although there is no medication to completely get rid of this allergic reaction from ever taking place, there are some medication that you can get prescribed that will help your child be stronger against pet hair and not start an allergic reaction in the first place.

Note that this strategy will not always work because if there are some instances where there is too much of something, your child will start to produce a reaction to their allergies, so while taking this medication, it is important to keep your child as far away from the pet as possible, but you won’t have to worry as much about keeping the house completely hair-free.

The last method that you can use is to keep your pet at a day care or somewhere else while your child is at home. So, when your child is gone for the day for school, you can have your pet at home and when your child comes back home, your pet will be safe at a day care, so that you can have your pet while having your child safe from allergies.

However, the negative side to this is that you will have to drive around a lot unless you have a pet day care that is near your home. Also, your pet won’t be with you overnight, so there will be less interaction between you and your pet if you decide to choose this method. Although these negative sides are a bit harsher than the methods above, it is the safest method that will work for your situation.


Even though it may not be the easiest thing in the world to keep a pet while having a child with allergies to that pet, we believe that you will be able to make it work, so try the methods above and see if they work for you.…