Are Basketball Shoes Different from Sneakers?

When athletic shoes came into the sporting segment, there was not much variety. A canvas shoe or a leather sporty version were probably the only choices available. With advance in science and technology, there are sports shoes available to suit the different requirements of every possible sport. And, people often confuse between these different athletic/ sporty shoes and sneakers.

At the outset, it must be known that a good and suitable pair of sneakers is just that and nothing more! It isn’t going to help you run or play basketball. Prior to the specialization in the sports shoes’ segment, a sneaker used to refer to an athletic running shoes. Now, sneakers just mean shoes with a rubber sole and canvas for casual wear. They don’t give the necessary grip and bounce required for basketball and athletic events like running.

Choosing the best suited sports shoe for your chosen game is very important and can help you in training and playing. Also, they help to absorb shocks, give good multi-directional traction, firm grip, and reduce the risk of injuries.

Breathable basketball shoes for adults are different from sneakers because the former gives you the ability to run, change directions in a lightning fast way, jump higher and more decidedly. A breathable basketball shoe and not any casual sneakers can do so by protecting your feet and cutting down on the risk of player injuries.

The advantage of covering your feet with superior-quality shoe material is that they help your feet to breathe more and not feel sweaty as much. This will increase your stability and the cushioning ability to sustain shocks. Most shoes for players looking to run and pass in the basketball court are designed to be lightweight and easy, while those looking to shoot goals and slam dunk are heavy and power-packed.