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Download AlcoVol (for Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP)
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AlcoVol is an interactive, graphical, fluid volumes conversion and display application.



Awarded '5 satellites' from Freeware World Team. Rated '5' by Popular Shareware, TopShareware, TopQualityFreeware, BrotherSoft, Shareup, Fileheaven, 1-Shareware, 5-Cup Software, Downloads45, Bestsoftware4download, Bestfreewaredownload. Awarded '3 cows' by Tucows. Recommended by HomeCookingGuide.

Installation: If you do not already have the VB 6.0 Runtime installed in your system, download the VB 6.0 Runtime, save it to a temporary directory, double-click the icon and follow the instructions. Then, download the AlcoVol application installation file, unzip it (using eg. FreeZip, WinZip), and save the individual extracted files to a temporary directory. From this directory, select and double-click the file named 'Setup' and follow the instructions.

AlcoVol PAD file: 'Portable Application Description' files are datasets which allow software authors to communicate specific and most often requested information about their products to online communities in a concise and standard way. Click here for AlcoVol PAD file which can be opened in a standard browser. Click here for AlcoVol PAD file in XML format (data can be extracted and parsed using standard XML toolkits).

AlcoVol's database includes ALL the major fluid volumes in use throughout the world today (including kitchen measures such as cups, teaspoons, tablespoons, dash etc) as well as key historical and superseded units, and - as its name suggests - it features an extensive list of alcohol volume units. This makes AlcoVol of value not only to producers and distributors of beverages, but travelling consumers, liquor journalists, beer buffs, wine connoisseurs and 'libation fans' will also find it very handy. 

The need for AlcoVol became apparent to me after observing the following:

-many people asking 'what is equivalent to what' in online discussion forums. Of all the physical units commonly in use, fluid volume units arguably cause the most confusion.

-conversions being expressed as simply statements or cumbersome tables, requiring users to perform look-ups and calculations themselves.

-limitations of other web-based converters and downloadable utilities, such as their use of databases which are incomplete or too generic, their inability to instantly convert from 'ANY to ANY' unit, and no range display or any form of graphical interactivity.

Detailed Features List

The most comprehensive database available of past, present and metric fluid volumes, and alcohol measures. Please note: to ensure that AlcoVol's database remains the best there is, please feedback to me any fluid volume units still in use in your region that I may have missed - stating the unit name, what it is used for (alcohol measure or otherwise) and its equivalence in milliliters. I'd also like to know of any errors you find in conversions. Your contributions will be acknowledged on this site.
The ability to order units lists alphabetically, according to metric units first, UK and US units first, or Australian units first. You can also instantly swap 'from' and 'to' units.
Predictive search on units lists - instead of 'scrolling and clicking' on units, you can type out units in the textboxes above the lists and as you do so, AlcoVol's lists automatically scroll to the 'best matching' units in the database - based on each letter you type.
Instantaneous conversions - as you click on a unit, type out a unit or type out a value, the conversion result immediately gets displayed numerically in a textbox and also graphically on AlcoVol's 'flask' - the flask's scales and range automatically adjust to the values to be displayed.
Graphical interactivity - Similar to the feature in WinThermO, you can physically drag the fluid level in the 'flask' graphic up or down and the corresponding 'from' and 'to' values scroll with the movement. The color and appearance of the fluid in the 'flask' can be adjusted.
Conversion reports - You can choose which conversions to save,and when you're done, pressing 'Make File' results in a CSV textfile of your chosen conversions being produced:
You can easily import this textfile into say, a spreadsheet.


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